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Pheim Asset Management Sdn Bhd 4th Floor, UBN Tower (Letter Box 18), Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm Saturday: 9am to 1pm Tel: +(603) 2031 6047 Fax: +(603) 2031 6048 Email: pheim@pheim.com.my
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Investment Committee

As part of Pheim’s rigorous investment process, the Investment Committee consisting of Fund Managers, Investment Analysts as well as the CEO and Chief Strategist, would meet on a weekly basis to discuss any buy/sell recommendations for the portfolio. Each Fund Manager or Investment Analyst would attend 3-4 company visits/briefings each week and present their findings to the Investment Committee where the decision to buy/sell or hold will be determined collectively by each member of the Investment Committee.

Our stock recommendations are based on extensive in-house research done by the individual Fund Manager/Investment Analyst where stock ideas are raised at every Investment Committee Meeting (“ICM”) before a collective decision or consensus is made. The ground work is very much done by the Fund Managers/Investment Analysts and the onus is on them to present their case before the Investment Committee before stock ideas are approved. We adopt a team-based approach, guided by our Investment Philosophy and Investment Criteria that has stood the test of time.

Dr. Tan Chong Koay (Founder/Chief Strategist & Executive Chairman)

• More than 46 years of investment experience
• Founder of Pheim Malaysia and Pheim Singapore in 1994 and 1995 respectively
• Oversees all investments and AUM growth strategy
• Asset allocation

Mr. Lee Chung Cheng, CEO & Head of Investment (Pheim Malaysia)

• 22 years of experience in the capital market and financial institutions.
• Vast experience in advising and leading teams of investment analysts and fund managers.
• MSc. Finance (2001) & B.BA Economics (2000)
• Country Coverage: ASEAN / Asia Ex-Japan

Mr. Leong Hai Liang, CFA, Fund Manager/Investment Analyst (Pheim Malaysia)

• More than 15 years of industry experience
• B.Sc (Hons) Finance
• Sector Coverage: construction, property, banking, commodities, plantation, automobile, and healthcare.
• Country Coverage: Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand

Ms. Nurul Farhana Numan Investment Analyst (Pheim Malaysia)
  • BBA (Hons.) Investment Management
  • Country Coverage: Malaysia and Thailand
  • Sector Coverage: Consumer, Healthcare and Transportation
En. Ahmad Subri Abdullah, CEO (Pheim Islamic)

• More than 40 years of experience in the insurance, reinsurance and financial services industry having served in various capacity in England, Singapore and Malaysia.
• Formulate and execute corporate strategies and business plans
• Chartered Insurer, Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK and Fellow of the Malaysian Insurance Institute

En. Khirwan Mus Bin Wahap, Fund Manager (Pheim Islamic)

• More than 20 years of industry experience
• B.Sc (Hons) Travel Industry Management
• Compile analysts purchase & sale decisions and execute them in a timely manner.
• Provide stock analysis and recommendation to fund manager

Ms. Law Yin-Lyn, Fund Manager/Investment Analyst (Pheim Islamic)

• More than 7 years of industry experience
• B.BA Commerce
• Country Coverage: Vietnam, Singapore
• Sector Coverage: Consumer Products, Technology, and Industrial Products