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Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Pheim SICAV-SIF-ASEAN Emerging Fund (Pheim ASEAN Fund) was launched in February, 1995. The Fund is now one of the oldest offshore ASEAN equity funds. As at September, 2014, more than 50% of the investors are Europeans.

January, 2015, Pheim ASEAN Fund won the 2014 Best of the Best Awards for the 3- and 10-year periods ended September, 2014 for the second consecutive year for ASEAN Equity category. The Fund also won the 2010 and 2012 Best of the Best Awards for 3- and 5-year periods for the ASEAN Equity category.

In US Dollar terms, Pheim ASEAN Fund registered a 3-year cumulative return of 70.03% vs FTSE ASEAN Index 24.64%, outperforming the index by 45.39% for the 3-year period ended September, 2014.

For the 10-year period ended September, 2014, the Fund registered a cumulative return of 362.42% vs FTSE ASEAN Index 170.58%, outperforming the index by 191.84%. For the longer term performance record, Pheim ASEAN Fund outperformed the FTSE ASEAN Index for all the 1- to 19-year periods ended September, 2014 in terms of Total Returns in US Dollars. The Fund also outperformed all its peers in the Morningstar ASEAN Equity category for the same cumulative periods.